Antisubmarine warfare, with the exception of fixed systems such as arrays of underwater hydrophones, is waged by various mobile antisubmarine craft: surface, airborne, and undersea. It is imperative that the officers and men of each type of antisubmarine force understand the characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of the other types. Only by such knowledge can they fully understand the basic concept of modern antisubmarine warfare - the integration and coordination of all forces available. Each type has certain advantages and disadvantages, and maximum effectiveness can be achieved only by coordinating all types. The basic characteristics of each force that should be evaluated are its inherent capabilities and limitations, detection methods, fire control systems, and weaponry

System Overview The totally from 10,000 km border are divided into 10 sections. And each section covers around 100 km range with 5 watch-stations.

1) Day/night HD, theme camera
2) Laser range finder system
3) Finder radar                  20 km
4) Detection                       20 km
5) Recognition                   14 km
6) Identification                    8 km
7) Detection                       30 km
8) Recognition                   18 km
9) Identification                  10 km
10 Detection                       30 km
11) Recognition                  20 km
Small Boat:
12) Detection                      20 km
13) Recognition                  10 km
14) Identification                   8 km

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City Surveillance
System Outline Around 1000 pcs cameras are required in the streets of the city, each camera could monitor person target for about 200 meters radium identification range, and about 500 meters radium detection range. All the videos of the 1000 pcs cameras should be viewed and recorded lively in the police station(s) center. And authorized police officers could view and control the cameras with Laptop/

iPad/Cell phone through Internet WAN, at anytime and anywhere with access to Internet or mobile network.